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What Is iLeap

iLeap is a low-code application development platform which empowers enterprises to build business applications rapidly, while seamlessly integrating with existing technology platforms. Drive powerful digital experiences, with iLeap.

What is Low Code Application Development?

Low Code Application Development is a modern way of developing and delivering enterprise applications rapidly with little or no technical know-how. Business and IT teams can collaborate to build sophisticated business applications in matter of weeks.

Low Code Platforms provide extremely easy to use drag-and-drop visual tools to design variety of applications in no time.

How It Works

Watch how you can create business applications using iLeap Platform in three easy steps

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In-premise deployments for total control – iLeap Low 
Code Platform Development Company


In-premise deployments for total control, flexibility and security

Always available, affordable, on-demand solutions - iLeap Low 
Code App Development company


Always available, affordable, on-demand solutions

Embed iLeap's platform in external applications - iLeap Low 
Code Application Development company


Embed iLeap's platform capabilities in external applications

iLeap Platform has enabled collaboration across multiple functions, from sales to finance to even our customers and we are able to operate with a lot more ease, saving us a lot of time and effort. If you are looking at executing complex processes minus any complexities, iLeap is what you should be looking at.

Mr. Gilbert, Head - IT


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Winner of the Infosys +91 Start-up Challenge at CeBIT 2014

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