The Journey And Beyond

Adventure Only Describes Half the Story

Since 2012, iLeap has been committed to its mission of delivering high quality enterprise digitization tools – This, with a vision of being among India's top product companies. iLeap started off as Intellileap Solutions, a BPM company. Today, iLeap is on its aspired track to being a provider of customer-centric solutions in the arena of enterprise digitization through various contemporary channels that include and go beyond web, mobile and the IoT.

The Brand

iLeap's stance as a technology provider delves deep into the roots of innovation. We're here to deliver products of quality, dependability and resilience. We're here to provision growth to our customers.

iLeap emerges from the words 'Intelligence' and 'Leap' - a combination of words to imply that we deliver products of intellectual value to reinforce progress in businesses, in leaps and bounds. Our mantra is to work like an adventurer, who measures every move with forethought and planning, to attain goals.

The iLeap logo depicts informed, structured growth. The tagline 'Think Ahead' lays emphasis on our values in looking forward with profound thought, to influence intelligent technological advances in everything our customers do.



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