BPM Cloud

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Want to jumpstart your BPM Cloud journey? Now, it’s possible to get started with your process automation projects with minimum ado. Advancement in cloud technology and mobile based BPM apps has enabled more and more organizations to adopt cloud as their application delivery platform.

Moving your processes and applications has several advantages but one of the main reasons why enterprises are evaluating BPM cloud platforms, is the cost advantage and accessibility of applications. Applications deployed can be accessed anytime from anywhere from any device. Also, BPM cloud platforms are offered on a subscription model with flexibility to turn on or off modules on-demand.

Why move to a BPM Cloud?

  • ✔ Instant deployments
  • ✔ Reduced total cost of ownership
  • ✔ Subscription based cost model
  • ✔ Higher Return on investment
  • ✔ Access your applications anytime from anywhere from any device
  • ✔ Increasing customer engagement
  • ✔ Scalable architecture
  • ✔ Security
  • ✔ No updates or upgrades needed
  • ✔ Low exit risk

BPM Cloud platforms enable you to deploy any process or application to the web. This enables customers, partners and employees to access it from anywhere at their convenience. BPM Cloud platforms are extremely easy to use. Business users and IT teams can easily build their own applications and make changes to it based on business needs and customer requirements.

Cloud deployments are highly scalable, enabling you to ramp up and down your infrastructure capacity based on user loads and process complexity.

Expedite your digital transformation journey with a cloud based BPM platform. Get started today with iLeap and speed up your process automation initiatives!