The Enterprise Challenge

  • Endless IT projects eat away enterprise budgets
  • Constant pressure to optimize your IT spends?
  • Build new software applications rapidly know-how
  • Automate business processes with minimum technical

Enterprises are constantly grappling with rising IT spends, at the same time businesses are demanding new applications to be built rapidly.

Business Process Automation is one of key technology enablers for reducing spends and optimizing business processes. BPM Software enables organizations to streamline their processes and enable rapid adoption across the organization.

Why BPM software?

Business process management or BPM platforms have matured over the years. A product category which started as a simple workflow automation, distribution and management toolset has mightily transformed itself into a robust process management platform which touches all facets of enterprise growth and transformation.

Moreover, Intelligent BPM Platforms or iBPMS enable enterprises to develop not only process centric and non-process centric applications with minimum technical know-how

Below is a list of BPM modules:

Core Components

  • UX Builder/ Electronic Forms

  • Data Modeler

  • Process Orchestrator

  • Business Rules Engine

  • Business Activity Monitor

  • Integration Connectors

  • Reports and Analytics

  • ECM or Content Management System

  • Process Modelling or Process Design Tools

Why iLeap?

Platform Benefits

  • Encourage Insourcing

    Leverage Citizen Developers, Business Users and IT for all your Software Development Needs.

  • Rapid Development

    Deliver Business Applications in matter of weeks and not months or years.

  • Express Change Management

    Deliver Business Applications in matter of weeks and not months or years.

  • Cost Optimization

    Reduce your software development cost by 65% and implementation timeline by 50%

  • One Platform

    One Platform for all your current and future software development needs.

  • Integration Ready

    Leverage one of our integration connectors or build your own in matter days.

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