BPM Software Solutions

BPM Software Solutions
  • • Endless IT projects eating your budget?
  • • Looking to optimize your IT spends?
  • • Build enterprise applications rapidly
  • • Automate your business processes with minimum technical know-how

Enterprises are constantly grappling with rising IT spends, at the same time businesses are demanding new applications to be built rapidly.

Business Process Automation is one of key technology enablers for reducing spends and optimizing business processes. BPM Software enables organizations to streamline their processes and enable rapid adoption across the organization.

What is BPM software?

Business process management or BPM can be used to streamline your workflow and automate business processes. BPM software can be categorized as workflow automation tools, BPM suites and iBPMS aka Intelligent Business Process Management suites. Below is a list of BPM modules:

  • • Electronic Forms
  • • Reports and Analytics
  • • Process Design Tools
  • • Content Management
  • • Data Access and Integration
  • • Business Rules Management
  • • Process Lifecycle Management
  • • Process Capture
  • • Process Mapping
  • • Process Modelling
  • • Process Simulation

Where can you get customized BPM software?

iLeap is a Bangalore-based company that offers digital transformation solutions to enterprises across industry verticals. We are one of the leading BPM software vendors. We offer tailor made BPM software that is customized according to our customer’s requirements and business needs. Our solutions include rapid application development platform for enterprise users, ready-to-use business apps and middleware components for independent software vendors and tech companies.

Why iLeap?

As one of the leading BPM software vendor, iLeap Platform is known for its easy of use and speed of delivery. Our automation solutions will help speed up your business workflow, which in turn helps to reduce IT spends and improve productivity.

We can provide a comparison deck of BPM software solutions that we offer to choose the best one that matches your business needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get a free assessment of your business process and automation needs. Our BPM software modules can be customized to fit your business requirements.