Business Process Management System

Business Process Management System

Looking for process automation software? Look no further than business process automation software from iLeap. We provide one of the most comprehensive BPM solution which covers all the modules and functions built into one robust platform.

Business Process Management systems have evolved over time, providing businesses the flexibility and capability to build any type of business application rapidly. iLeap bundles all these capabilities starting from eForms, Business Process Manager, Business Rules Manager, Business Activity Monitor, Reports and Analytics into one seamless platform. You can start using our business application development tools with minimum technical know-how.

Business Process Management Life Cycle

  • ✔ Design
  • ✔ Modeling
  • ✔ Execution
  • ✔ Monitoring
  • ✔ Re-engineering

Businesses can leverage sophisticated monitoring tools which enable them to visualize, measure and optimize processes from time to time. iLeap provides an extremely easy to use Business Process Manager which complies to 90% of workflow patterns for complex process development, work distribution and monitoring.

iLeap’s business process management system is perfect for organization who are looking at an affordable, feature rich, scalable platform to automate their business processes.

Business Process Management System Modules

  • ✔ Electronic Forms
  • ✔ Business Process Manager
  • ✔ Business Rules Manager
  • ✔ Business Activity Monitor
  • ✔ Reports & Analytics
  • ✔ Integration & Connectors

iLeap is designed to bridge the gap between business requirements and application delivery, thus we ensure our tools are extremely easy to use. Business users and IT staff can start building their process applications with minimum technical know-how.

Get iLeap’s business process management system for optimum utilization of resources, reduced processing cost and complete visibility of your processes. With iLeap’s business application development tools, you can kick start your next big project rapidly.