Microsoft BPM

Microsoft BPM

Are you looking for a Microsoft BPM Solution?

Microsoft is by far the most prominent technology stack in enterprises, thus it is important that your BPM solution seamlessly integrates with your existing technology infrastructure. Whether it is MS SQL Database, Active Directory, Office365, Dynamics CRM or SharePoint, it is imperative that your BPM solution has ready connectors to all these platforms.

At iLeap, we leverage the best of breed technologies from Microsoft to offer you a robust and scalable BPM platform.

BPM is one of the major drivers of change and transformation in enterprises. With ever changing business requirements, time pressures and rising operational costs your BPM software platform should be able to offer an agile based, iterative development model which will ultimately expedite application development, improve efficiency and reduce development cost.

With iLeap you can not only automate all business processes within your organization but also bring about a step change in customer experience and operational efficiency.

Below is a list of key iLeap modules which facilitate this change:

iLeap Core Modules

  • • User Experience Builder
  • • Business Process Manager
  • • Business Rules Engine
  • • Business Activity Monitor
  • • Integration Connectors
  • • Reports & Analytics

iLeap’s Microsoft BPM has been tested at Microsoft Technology Labs to ensure scalability and optimum resource utilization. iLeap Platform has ready integration connectors to some of key products from Microsoft.

Supporting technologies of Microsoft BPM

  • • MS Sql Server
  • • Office365
  • • MS SharePoint
  • • MS Active Directory
  • • MS Dynamics CRM
  • • MS Power BI

iLeap Platform has also been built keeping in mind needs of Business & IT Users. The vision of the product is to empower enterprise users to build world class BPM applications with minimum technical know-how. Business Analysts, Process Owners, Project Managers, Business & IT Heads can collaborate to develop diverse business applications with minimal dependency on external vendors and developers.

Take the first step towards Total Transformation, contact us today to experience iLeap’s Microsoft BPM Platform.