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Why re-invent when you can leverage? iLeap Middleware gives you a head-start in your application development journey. Do away with redundant application, process and database level assets. iLeap Middleware is a fully embeddable, white-labelled development platform which drastically reduces your development efforts while providing the reliability, security and scalability expected from an enterprise grade system.

Core Modules

User Interface

HTML5 based form builder to create responsive and adaptive user experiences.

Process Orchestrator

A highly scalable Business Process Engine to automate human and system activities.


Report Designer and advanced Analytics for process monitoring and customised reports.

Business Rules

Externalized Rules Engine for better decision management at process level and application level.


Pre-built enterprise connectors for MS Dynamics, SharePoint, Power BI and more.

Events Framework

A highly robust events and notification framework which monitors activities and processes across applications and systems.


Speed is the name of the game! As businesses become more demanding and competition more challenging, it is imperative to add new features and functionalities, rapidly. iLeap provides extremely easy to use development tools for developers, business analysts, administrators and business users.


100% plug-in based architecture provides you the capability to embed any component from iLeap's platform inside your application or solution. Reuse UI components as widgets, process engine capabilities as auto-activities or rules engine capabilities as decision queries. iLeap is built to simplify and expedite application delivery process.

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