Open source BPM Platform Tools

Open source BPM Platform Tools

Are your evaluating BPM tools and not sure which one best aligns with your business?

The BPM platform market is flooded with variety of top BPM tools which more or less offer similar functionality and modules. These BPM tools are mainly used for automating, measuring and optimizing your processes. The problem is not every BPM tool is built to address your specific business needs.

BPM suites can be categorized into open source BPM, Microsoft BPM and Java BPM tools. The different categories help different types of organizations depending on their technology stack, core ERP or Line of Business systems used and level of integration and customization required with each.

Best BPM tools are used for:

  • ✔ Automation of business processes
  • ✔ Integration with ERP and Core Line of Business systems
  • ✔ Measure process performance and user productivity
  • ✔ Optimize business operations and improve customer experience
  • ✔ Dynamic case management
  • ✔ Rapid Application Development
  • ✔ Increased workflow productivity
  • ✔ Flexible Development

So how do you select which one will meet your needs?

One should analyze complexity of each process and application which you plan to build using these BPM tools. A thorough understanding of existing systems in the organization including ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS, etc. Availability of citizen developers, analyst and process owners will also help you understand training requirements if any.

Open Source BPM though free are not free in its true sense. You need to pay for support and training. You need to invest in resources who can build and maintain the applications for you. Most enhancements and improvements for open source BPM platforms is community driven.

Do get in touch with us to discuss your specific business scenario and which BPM platform best suits your needs.

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