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Explore The Endless Possibilities with iLeap

iLeap empowers you to build enterprise applications with extremely easy to use tools.

Business Users and IT staff can collaborate to build applications, rapidly.

What You Can Build

Database Apps

Build applications that require capturing, storing, querying and presenting data stored in any relational database. Database Apps make use of rich electronic forms which are tightly integrated with your backend systems.

Request Handling Apps

Develop applications which require triggering, processing and tracking of requests from users or systems. Request handling apps make use of electronic forms, workflow and integration capabilities.

Process Apps

Develop rich business process automation and optimization applications. Leverage the complete lifecycle of trigger to terminate which includes electronic forms, workflow collaboration, system tasks, complex rules, tracking and activity monitoring.

Generic Apps

Develop a wide range of web applications which span across various systems and user groups. Generic apps assimilate database, request handling and process app capabilities to deliver exceptional business productivity and user experience

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All the tools you need to develop robust, scalable business applications rapidly


Fully customizable user experience to access all your applications and processes


Power Tools for Management and Application Owners to continuously optimize applications and processes


All the tools you need to develop robust, scalable business applications rapidly

Electronic Forms

Build beautiful, responsive user experiences with an easy to use drag-and-drop form builder. WYSIWYG based form designer minimizes iterations and maximizes productivity for users, developers, IT staff and application owners.

Unique Capabilities
  • WYSIWYG based fully responsive Drag-and-Drop design environment
  • Automated design, test and publish
  • Extensibility into external applications

Business Processes

Design, document and automate business processes. Business users, business analyst, developers and integration specialist can all work on a collaborative, easy to use environment. iLeap Process Composer enables rapid development, testing and delivery of process based applications.

Unique Capabilities
  • End-to-end process modeling, execution, testing and integration environment
  • Process event framework and native document management
  • Benchmarked for 4500 unique activities per second

Business Rules

Better decision management with a self-learning, robust business rules management. iLeap Rules Composer is an externalized rules engine, which enables you to keep business rules separate from the process and user interface, which improves application management and enhancements.

Unique Capabilities
  • Extensible rules engine to external applications
  • Support for forward chaining rules
  • Extremely easy to use Rules Composer

Explore How iLeap Fits Your Business Needs


Fully customizable user experience to access all your applications and processes


Apps are the building blocks of the iLeap platform. Every function and capability contributes to building end user applications which are tailor made based on the work type and user role.

Work Inbox

Consolidated Inbox for process users. Knowledge Workers can act on all work which is assigned to them for action, review or approvals.


Single place to access all applications, tools, work and insights. Dashboard is a fully customizable launch page designed by and for end-users of the iLeap platform.

Resource Manager

Intelligent Resource Manager which ensures work is never delayed. Provision available resources, work patterns, shift timing and employee leaves from single intuitive resource manager.

Let Us Help You Build An Awesome Application


Power tools for management and application owners to continuously optimize applications and processes

Business Activity Monitor

Best-in-class business activity monitoring with activity level drill down, analysis and insights. Process owners and managers can optimize applications and processes based on resource utilization, performance, inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Unique Capabilities
  • Real-time dashboards and KPI monitoring
  • Process and team performance management
  • Critical activity notifications

Integration and Connectors

iLeap is an open architecture (Plug-in) based platform that allows integration with third party systems in several ways. Integrate with external systems with standards based integration methods. Supports Rest API, Web Services and DB Connectors. iLeap Platform supports OOTB Connectors such as MS Dynamics, MS SharePoint and Power BI.

  • MS Dynamics
  • MS SharePoint
  • Power BI
  • DB Connectors

Reports and Analytics

Customized tailor-made application and external reporting. iLeap reporting module enables decision makers to avail custom reports from specific applications or external systems. Contextual insights enable better decision making and change management.

Unique Capabilities
  • Standalone, externalized report engine
  • Integrates with external applications

Why iLeap Platform

Fast Development

WYSIWYG capable development platform for faster delivery.

One Platform

All the tools you need under one robust platform

Low Code

Extremely easy to use GUI based development platform.

Device Agnostic

100% HTML5 based platform for device agnostic user experience.

Deploy Anywhere

Support for In-Premise, Cloud or In-App deployments

Enterprise Connectors

Pre-Built connectors for leading enterprise systems including ERP, CRM, ECM amd Portals

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